Saturday, 1 July 2017


So, I am reading a self-help book, one of many which I have rediscovered on  the bookshelves here in France, and goodness, did I seem to be in need of help eleven years ago when I bought this house! So, I am reading a book that will provide The Answer to finishing one of the novels I've almost written (three so far), and I have come to the chapter about positive influences.

Now we all know this already but it doesn't hurt to be reminded once in a while, that the world appear to be composed of two types of people; the Eyores and the Tiggers, i.e. the doom and gloom merchants and the bounce-back brigade. And we all can name at least one classic example of each and decide into which category most of our friends and acquaintances fall, at least most of the time.

Before I moved to France I worked with a woman who, on hearing my plans, told me quite plainly, "You'll never do it!" and she, bless her heart, was one of the reasons why I jolly well did do it!
And there was a chap who would run around the office like Chicken Little screaming "The sky is falling!" or rather, "The company is failing!" and thus he used to spread alarm and despondency to all of his colleagues. Well, those of us who listened to him, the sensible ones refused to pay any attention to him.

A pair of Eyeores to be sure.

And then there are the Tiggers in our lives. Those who are encouraging of our ambitions and supportive of our aspirations and believers in our dreams. Tiggers are to be cherished.

I began this post partly because the self-help book had got me thinking of Eyeores and Tiggers and that had led me onto thinking about our Tribes - the people who populate our world, either closely or remotely. And, as I returned from a shopping expedition to Guingamp where I wanted to buy enough dahlias to make the commune smile but could only find two, I noticed that The Ladies from Rennes have returned. And that made me smile.

The Ladies from Rennes are three (very mature) sisters who own houses in the village that are closed up and shuttered for most of the year, except in summer, when the ladies return, throw open the shutters and windows, clip their hedges and fill their gardens with flowers, Et, voilà, just as the re-appearance of the swallows and house martins heralds the coming of spring, so the re-appearance of the Ladies from Rennes heralds the coming of summer.  And I love it!

Of course The Ladies from Rennes are blissfully unaware that they are part of my Tribe, but they are most definitely and so it is a day to celebrate.        

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  1. I have Drains and Radiators in my tribe, the Drains really draining anyone of energy with their needs for attention, and the Radiators warming daily life with their cheerful optimism and thought for others.
    Maybe the Ladies from Rennes could provide the basis for the fourth novel?


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