Sunday, 16 July 2017

Making hay...

The weather in Brittany is a constant source is surprise to me, it can change within hours from cold and wet to a veritable heatwave and then back to winter again. This can be challenging and sometimes depressing when plans have to be put on hold because a storm has swept in from the Atlantic, but I have learned through experience that what cannot be changed must be accommodated....

Or, make hay while the sun shines and when it doesn't, write books
Or bake bread
Or, learn a language
You get the idea?

And when the sun returns, well, this is how I spent a day last week when the sun shone in a beautiful Breton-blue sky and wanderlust and a longing for the sea overcame me....

Le Sentier des Douaniers

Walking towards Plouman'ach
In the company of some (mostly) French visitors, several of whom were tanned, fit and in running gear which, considering the blistering heat, was very impressive, a few couples had kids in pushchairs or in back carriers and some more senior folk used sticks to help them on the path.  

I have a book at home in which the more famous rock formations are described and named; the bottle, the sorcerer etc and while I can see the shapes and while I do agree that they could be described as such, to me they are all animals and everywhere I look I see whales and dolphins, crouching cats and eagles.

I would need to take you along to see the rocks through my eyes...
And perhaps you would need a more vivid imagination or, perhaps, a glass or two of Kir to help you.

And I readily admit that some days I see nothing but a pile of rocks.
Albeit pretty and pink but still, just rocks.

And on those days pretty pink rocks are more than enough, especially when the background is a blue sea under a cloudless sky.

Of course the dog sees the same animals in the rocks that I do.

My dolphin...

Here is the famous bottle. Me, I see a baby whale.

Well, I did see a giant cat's paw, I'm sure I did!

We clambered down the rocks to dip our toes in the sea.
I really, really wanted to swim, and I had worn my swimsuit under my skirt and shirt and brought a towel in case the opportunity presented itself but there was nowhere safe with the tide low.

One of the boats carrying holiday makers on a trip to Les Sept Iles. When friends and I did that trip a magnificent sea mist descended and we were unable to see the Pink Granite coast from the sea.

The lighthouse is somewhat famous. Most people take a picture of it. The house is a private residence, I can't help wondering if its location makes up for the annoying sightseers constantly passing the sign on the gate that declares 'PRIVEE'.

In the past the feet of so many visitors trampling on the plants caused a great deal of damage and that led to soil erosion and that led to the plants dying and ... vicious circle.

Some years ago it was decided to take steps (no pun intended) to restore the environment and teams of volunteers worked hard to install signs asking people to stick to the paths and not to cross the low wires onto the heather, grass, wild honeysuckle and orchids and....

They have transformed the Sentier des Dounaiers.

Last attempt to convince you, please tell me that you can see the ape's face in this picture?

No? OK then I'll let you see your own shapes....

We walked for two miles and were hot, tired but happy.
And I got my swim.

We had to go to Trégestal to find somewhere safe for both me and the dog.
The sea was warm and the tide was coming in and it was lovely, just lovely.

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