Saturday, 4 February 2017

Fast forward ...

It's Easter?
What happened to the days, the weeks, the months?

And that is kind of the theme around here...

Time, how it can get away from us, how we never have enough of it, how we need more of it, how we waste so much of it.

Those of you who read my previous blog, A Mouse In France, will know that in 2006 I quit The Rat Race, bought a house in Brittany and moved to France to find a healthier, saner, kinder way of living. 

And that in 2008 I was tempted to leave it all for a fascinating new job in cyber security, and so, after much heart-searching, I left France and moved back to Oxfordshire.  

And that it was challenging and very rewarding work, and I did a lot of good and protected a lot of people and corporations from cyber criminals and their malicious code and trickery. The work, I loved, the corporate culture, well, that was a different matter. 

Sometimes I look back and it feels as if I fell down the rabbit hole and entered a weird and twisted reality. Suffice to say that eight years of that life as a Lab Rat almost killed me.

So, here I am again.
About to quit The Rat Race and move back to that house in Brittany,
Older and wiser.
I'm no longer a mouse, I'm more of a little warrior woman now.

Time, it's very precious and we should spend it wisely.
N'est-ce pas?