Friday, 10 June 2016

Back to Brittany Ferries- Commodore Cabin-style

It's a funny, in an ironical way, that having been diagnosed with a 'life-threatening illness' has liberated me to enjoy life.

I'm not unique, many others in a similar situation will say the same thing. It's sad that it takes a cancer diagnosis to do this but in some weird way I do appreciate that for the way it's made me totally change my way of thinking. And of being.

One manifestation of which is to permit myself small treats. Not that I am a skinflint, far from it, money and I are not comfortable house-mates, cash should be used for good purposes rather than hoarded in the bank, but my latest career has not been well-rewarded and I have become accustomed constantly to counting the pennies .

And so occasionally I treat myself.

Not to a world cruise, or a meal in an expensive restaurant. And not to finery and frippery.
But once in a while I do have a treat and on my last return from my home in France that took the form of a Commodore Cabin.

Here it is. My little bit of luxury.

And so on the crossing from St Malo to Portsmouth:
I was able to practice my T'ai Chi using the DVD player and TV.
I was able to write my novel sitting in comfort on the sofa.
I was able to raid the soft drinks in the mini-bar and enjoy the fruit basket.
And I was able to shower with the nice complementary toiletries.

Old habits die hard.
I took the macarons back for The Ragazza and she loved them.

I do have a complaint. Just one.
This was my second Commodore Cabin and I still have yet to receive the complimentary afternoon tea, I don't know why.  I was in my cabin all afternoon. No-one knocked to offer me tea. That made me sad. But in the grand scheme of things, ce n'était pas le fin du monde ...