Tuesday, 11 July 2017


On Sunday I went to Gouarec with friends to see a play performed by La Troupe Arlequin.

It was a 'hilarious farce set in the 1950's' in a failing English boarding school and narrated by the headmistress, one Dr Mildred Sponge, so we, the audience, were an unruly class to be interrogated and given a dunce's cap to wear between scenes.

Fantastic amateur cast...

Here you see the games mistress, Violet Bodkin talking to the philosophy teacher, Prof Wisteria Crouch at a table in the staff room.

A couple of baddies, the American property developer Herber B Sloophanger and his wife, Wilhemina. He wants to buy the school, tear it down and build houses on the land.
Definitely the baddies but are they all that they seem?

I thought that the art teacher was over the top in his take off of a Frenchman. Turned out he is French!

The school chaplain was a hoot! The Rev Pottington Willis. I think she was my favourite character.

And this chap, Crumble, constantly forgot his lines and arrived on stage at the wrong time and that added to the humour, especially when two of the cast argued with the prompt about their lines. Needless to say, the prompt worked very hard!

I did work out Who Dun It. By a process of elimination and because she did not appear on stage until the final scene, a cunning ploy!

There was afternoon tea too, this being an AIKB event.
I could have had a cupcake too but egg mayonnaise sandwiches, a little quiche and a cream and jam scone were more than enough to munch on.

So, a new experience for me and a fun Sunday afternoon in Brittany.

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