Friday, 7 July 2017

Night walking

The wonderful thing about being an adult and living alone, aside from having the debit card PIN number and being able to buy as much salted caramel chocolate as I like, is being free to do whatever I darned well please.

When I was a child I felt imprisoned in my bed at night. Bad dreams, dangers lurking in the shadows, monsters under the bed and night terrors all made me flee from my room, only to be caught, slapped and plonked back in bed with the blankets tucked in so tightly I almost couldn't breath, and a dire warning from my parents of the consequences should I dare to leave my room again.

The terrors have taken shape and form. I now know why I was too terrified to stay sleeping. Now, on nights when the terrors are particularly vicious, I leave my bed and I roam the house and courtyard like a phantom. I am even tempted to walk the streets of this little French village, except that I don't want to disturb the dog.

So here I am, at my new 'workstation' by the open window to the courtyard. The outside light is on, the air is very still, a few moths fly past from time to time, everyone else is asleep but I am awake and if I am patient and sit still for long enough I may see the dahlias dancing under the stars.

Do you think?

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