Saturday, 2 May 2015

Taking time...

to smell the flowers

The apple trees that  border one side of the green have been especially beautiful this year

And as is so often my way, I leave the well-trodden path and venture through nettles and long grass so that I can meander among them

Apple blossom make me think of weddings.
I'm not sure why, my own wedding took place on a cold day in March and there were few flowers blooming and, it being Lent, none permitted in the church.
But if I ever marry again I would like to do so when the apple trees are heavy with blossom.

And wear a delicate pink-tinged white dress.
And carry a bouquet of apple blossoms.

You see, I have it all planned.
Just in case ....

Meanwhile I wander among the apple trees, happily taking pictures, pausing to admire the branches bearing beautiful blooms and taking time to smell the flowers

Nature is such a wonderful healer
N'est-ce pas?