Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Le Yaudet encore une fois....

I have a new friend here, H2. 
She is busy renovating a little house, and when I say renovating I really mean rebuilding it, during her trips over from the UK, but she likes to explore and I am always ready for an adventure, so when she suggested a day out I thought of Le Yaudet.

I did not drive down the twisting road that reminds me of the Swiss Alps, nor did I drive down the truly horrible other road into the bottom of the village. I wimped out. I drove from Lannion and we arrived at the top.

And walked down a marked path onto the beach...

It was a week day. And not yet the French school holidays therefore it was quiet. Just a few people wandering on the sand, messing about with boats etc.

I much prefer walking up the hill to travelling in a car!

This is the gite at the bottom of someone's garden.
We decided we'd happily live there full time.

Stone house name.
Ty is Breton for house, not sure about Nod...

The view from a garden halfway up the hill.
Not bad, is it?

When we got to the top H2 decided it was too early for lunch so we walked down the other side to the port. The tide was coming in, the boats were bobbing and the noises made by the rigging reminded me of wind chimes.    

And then lunch...

For me, a galette with sausages, potatoes and onions

Well, of course it was followed by a salted caramel crèpe.
Yes, I am predictable but I know what I like!

Beautiful house near the restaurant...

And into the church to check out the Sleeping Virgin...
I hadn't believed that there really would be a statue of Mary in bed but yes, there was. And apparently baby Jesus is in there with her.

Many chapels in Brittany have ships, this is an area that has strong, strong ties to the sea.

One last photo on the road leaving Le Yaudet.

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  1. ty in welsh is also a house, and nod (with a circumflex accent) is a goal,an aim. Nodweddol is something that stands out...


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