Saturday, 5 August 2017

The House Rules

Last night friends came here, ostensibly for a belated birthday celebration, but really just to hang out, to eat and drink, to chat, catch up on each other's news, have fun.

And we did, until certain people kicked off.

This little guy went off to bed early.
He probably had the right idea.
I should have joined him. 

Suffice to say I was not impressed, but last night I was polite and restrained.
And today I decided to stay home, to have a quiet day with just my dog for company. 

We mooched around.
I cleaned the dining room, polished the table with bees wax, was pleased with the shine... 

Admired the flowers that one friend had brought from her garden and smiled at the perfect colour coordination, considered sketching them...

And I waited for the apologies that I thought would be forthcoming.
There were to be none.

Now this bothers me a bit. 
Maybe it shouldn't, and I am learning not to let myself be affected by the moods of those around me, not to be a sponge for their complaints or a magnifying glass for their negativity, and I do think I am getting better at not feeling responsible for everyone else.

But I do expect that friends who come to my home will act with respect and consideration.

Perhaps I should email those concerned a copy of this with a polite request that they read it and respect the house rules?

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