Sunday, 27 August 2017

Good Intentions...

I had thought that I'd write more blog posts now that I am back in Brittany...
And that I'd be working on my novels...
And that TEFL course that needs to be completed by the end of September...
And so much more I had thought that I would have achieved by now.

It's  not that I am procrastinating, or that I am idling away my days, or that the will is not there.
It's that it is summer and I am in Brittany and there is the coast to the north with the beaches and the islands and the boat trips and I have been kayaking and that was an adventure and a half, and there is the countryside all around with the lakes and the gorges and wonderful walking with the dog, and there are exhibitions and events to attend, and there are old towns and villages to explore, and there are evenings spent with friends and lunches measured in gloriously slow, lazy hours and...

This week I've had The Ragazza here.
In ten days time an old friend from England is coming for a week of exploring and adventuring and hanging out.

But September brings La Rentrée when we all put away our buckets and spades, our beach umbrellas and our snorkels and we return to the serious business of study or work, and I like that feeling of starting on new ventures and taking up new opportunities. So while my own rentrée may be delayed until my friend leaves, but once I have safely delivered her back to the ferry there will then be a change of pace and of purpose for me.

But until then,  the sun is shining on the courtyard from a Breton-blue sky and the birds are singing and the adventures are calling and I so want to do it all while I still have the days in which to do it.
Because we never know when those days will run out
N'est-ce pas?  


  1. It sounds as though you are doing the best possible things with your time! Carpe Diem!


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