Tuesday, 18 April 2017


It's a poor picture, my camera lens was steamed up but this is where I have spent a great many weekday mornings since last June.

The pool is small, but I am no Olympiad, and it is sometimes crowded, and that's another trick I've learned, to take the busy, the irritations, the annoyances on the chin because there will be other times when things turn out just fine and you get a whole pool to yourself.  

So this is where you'll find me during the week.
Half an hour of swimming as I enjoy some podcasts on my waterproof MP3 player, sometimes longer, if the pool is empty. A couple of sessions in the sauna and steam room during which time I pretend to be in a forest in Finland. Maybe the jacuzzi, if I'm feeling particularly relaxed.

Some days there will be coffee and a chat with a fellow swimmer, some days I like to slip in, swim in silence and slip out again.

And that is what I am working on right now.
The relaxing, the letting-go of the busy-busy, the listening to the inner voice that tells me how best to spend my time. The not feeling obliged to be doing, the permission to simply be.
Goodness it takes some getting used to!

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