Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Different rivers...

All my life people have been saying, "Never go back".

And I suppose they're right, if 'going back' means trying to return to a time and a place in the past and expecting it to be unchanged..

So why am I 'going back' to Brittany now?
Well here's the thing.
I am returning to Brittany, but I am not going back.

So much has happened since that stressed-out, exhausted little Mouse arrived in France all those years ago, so much happened while I was there, and so much has happened since I left, that I can hardly recognise myself as the same person. So I am not going back, a different version of me, an older, wiser, more worn me, is going to have a new adventure in a place I know.

As someone once told me, "You cannot step in the same river twice".
But I think you can return to the river to paddle your canoe in new water.
Does that explain it better?


  1. Of course you can step in the same river as many times as you wish. You can paddle or float or just sit in it and let it flow past you.
    The very best of luck and happiness to you in your new venture.

    1. Thank you RR. I hope that all is well with you?

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Annette...
      Care to come to France?

  3. The river is never the same. You are never the same. But good things happen all the time! You just need to open your eyes to them and experience them, and I know you do.

    1. I knew you'd get it and that makes me happy :)


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