Friday, 2 December 2016

In Love in Iceland - Day 3

The last day at the farm for me and a fellow-rider, Tina. The others were not due to leave until the following day after more riding, a whale watching trip and a dip in The Blue Lagoon. We were envious, had we known, we kept saying, we'd have booked a longer trip. They were sad, they would miss us, they told us kindly. We hope you see loads of whales we said, and we'll think of you in thew lagoon.

Maybe next year? We all said, although we'll never meet again, but you know how it is when you encounter like-minded people with whom you share a fabulous experience, they remain in your heart forever.

We all rode to a farm nearby.
The weather was warmer and dry and as we left the moon and one planet were visible among the clouds and we saw the sun rise for the first time. I rode Blackie, my little won't-tolt-will-canter pony. We cantered quite a lot.

At the farm we took off the tack and put the horses in little pens.
Some horses took the opportunity to indulge in some mutual grooming...

Some rested their heads and gazed around...

Some chose to roll....

Mine wanted to pose for photos...

I'll miss Blackie.
I'll miss all of the horses.
I'll miss Iceland.
I smiled because that meant I'd had a good time.

We watched a show about The northern Lights.
No, we had not seen them, there was always the last night, you never knew...  otherwise we'd have to take another trip towards the Arctic. I have to say at this point that I've now spent over a month in northern latitudes during the winter and I have yet to see the Northern Lights, even during two trips inside the Arctic Circle,

Next time.

And then we rode back to the farm.
Did we want to 'gallop' our guide asked us? Of course we did. We thundered along and Blackie overtook some of the others because we had, of course, been in training during previous rides and, well, I did let him have his head and encourage him go go fast.

And then it was over.
The horses. The grooming and saddling-up. The rides in the Icelandic countryside. The being a pony-mad little kid again.



  1. Oh, I think this was the very most perfect holiday imaginable for you! Well done! I loved reading about it and seeing the pictures.


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