Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Rebooting ...

It had been eight and a half years since I boarded a plane, the last time being a short hop across the Channel when I was house-hunting in England before moving back to take up the job with The New Employer. 

Goodness, how different life is now, all these years later.   

Here's the thing ...
Sometimes we need to reboot our lives, return to a Restore Point, turn back the clock, mentally, at least. I came to that conclusion recently when I was leafing through a box of my mother's photographs and found some of my own that were during a holiday in Finland with The Rags. I was taken-aback by how relaxed and happy we looked, well, how relaxed and happy I looked, especially when I glanced in a mirror and saw how sad and stressed I had grown. 

Now, I can't completely turn back the clock. I can't bring back the loved-ones that I have lost in the last 12 years. I can't take away the stresses that almost broke me and I can't undo the physical and emotional effects of cancer.   

But I can chose to be, once again, that relaxed and happy person. 
So I set to thinking how to achieve that and the first thing that occurred to me was that I needed to get back my confidence and courage. And what better way to do that than to leave a rather wild and storm-battered Britain and head for somewhere I have never been.

To embark on an adventure ...

 And once there, to explore, to discover, to re-discover my sense of fun.

I'll update you with what, precisely, that entails tomorrow. For now I am sitting in a hotel room in a place north of Reykjavik watching snowflakes falling and wondering what the management would say if I went outside to make snow angels. Have I ever mentioned how much I love snow?

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  1. For your next wild adventure, you must come to California. :)


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