Friday, 24 April 2015

The Natural History Museum, naturally

The Rags and I had wanted to spend a day together and, my son being an impoverished student in London, we decided to meet there and visit a museum. We do like museums, and I've been taking them to the London museums for the last 25 years, but we never tire of them, the same exhibits, new exhibits, the same exhibits in different positions, exhibits ....

By choice I would have gone back to The British Museum and paid homage to The Swimming Reindeer because they are my all-time favourite favourites and I do adore them and could spend hours just gazing at them and chatting about them with other passing fans, but a Tweet from the museum indicated that they were in Japan, on loan as part of a tour of 'A History of the World in 100 Objects' exhibition and so .... No Swimming Reindeer, no visit.

So we went to The Natural History Museum...

And once there we conferred, debated, argued, compromised about that which we would like to see, since experience has taught us to be selective and not to attempt to see everything in one visit. We do so dislike seeing people rushing past, viewing the museum through the lens of a camera/mobile phone/dazed eyes, trying to take it all in in one huge gulp. We do like to wander slowly, to pause and stare, to take our time and to drink deeply.

The Ragazza was interested in the ecology exhibitions, these eco-warrior genes she has inherited from her mother. The Ragazzo was relaxed and undemanding, the giant sloth, maybe the 'earthquake/volcano stuff'. I was happy simply to be there and with them but I did express an interest in Neanderthal bones, should there be any available? Perhaps? Hopefully? Would be nice...
And dinosaurs, well, dinosaurs were a given.

And so...

I found my Neanderthal skull and spent a very long time examining it from all the angles that I could, decently, assume, taking photographs, feeling out-of-place-and-time in that way that I do when I come face to face with something that has remained from our prehistoric times. I was very content.  

And we tracked down the giant sloth and it really was gigantic ...

As you can see, The Ragazzo is over six foot tall and no, those genes he did not inherit from his petite mother ...

And there was the ecology section for The Ragazza who assumed her teacher's hat and lectured us a little, which made me smile ...

And finally, of course, there were dinosaurs ...

But mostly there was just The Rags and me hanging out together, re-discovering old favourites, finding new treasures, making more happy memories.

That's what it's really all about, isn't it?
N'est-ce pas?


  1. What an enjoyably relaxed way to visit a museum. I also have many memories of visits with my sons, as children and as adults.

    1. Morning RR. Yes, it was, bite-sized chunks rather than trying to gobble it all down in one sitting :) And isn't it a beautiful building? :)

  2. lovely to have a sociable day out and see them developing too

  3. My favourite kind of museum though we didn't have time to visit it when there in '09. Glad that you were able to spend such quality time with your children!

    1. I hope that you are coming back soon?

  4. Love the Nat Hist Mus..and these are great pictures!

    1. Thank you Carol, I am pleased with the Jurassic Park shot :)

  5. What joy to spend a day in London Museums with your lovely children. We have nice museums here in Northeast Ohio, we do, but oh, I am a tiny bit envious of you with all the wonders of London Museums to investigate!


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