Thursday, 21 November 2013

November means...


Last year I produced the best part of my first novel during November.
Flies in the Ointment is now actively seeking an agent which process is, I am learning, rather like speed-dating. No, I have never tried speed-dating and never will but I'm pretty sure that's how it feels to try to find an agent who will love my novel.

This November I am working on a second novel.
It's not the sequel to 'Flies', that's already in my head, this is a rather dark, quite erotic, often crazy story set, as are all my books, in Brittany, France. I'm not accustomed to writing such explicit stuff and I'm just grateful that neither of my parents will ever read it. I did ask myself, 'Can I really write explicit sex scenes? What will people think of me?' And then I remembered that the novel also contains sadism and a death, so I can safely say it's all fictional, and spare my blushes.

So this is why I am not blogging much...
Two novels and my final O.U course, and in between I have to fit in the Day Job

Be back in December


  1. Julia, you certainly are busy! Good luck with both books.

    1. Hello. Yes, it is the best way to control a Black Dog :)
      Thank you

  2. No wonder you're not blogging much! The people in your new writing will lead their own lives and get up to their own antics, so it's not your fault whatever happens!
    Good luck with an agent.

    1. Hello RR Yes, they do surprise me at times.
      I start with an idea and one main character and before I know it a whole cast has appeared. made themselves at home and started to tell their tales.
      I love it!

  3. I am so glad to see you back, even for just a post or two. I was getting quite worried about you. It's funny how cyber friendships work, we worry about those we are used to hearing from on a regular basis. Good luck with finding an agent, I'd love to read anything you write (wrote? have written?).

    1. Ah bless you. Busy, busy, busy.
      The day job sucks out all of my energy and grey-matter and then I come home to try study and, when I am all done-in, the writing is therapy :)

  4. Congratulations on the novels. May you find the perfect agent to get it out into the world! xo


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